What Is Next For Drone Recovery?

Planning The Next Steps

Posted on November 28, 2016 by Kin Lane   2 minute read ∼ Tagged with  :  ∼ Filed in  :  • 

It has been four months since we ended our drone recovery journey this summer, and I haven't been able to stop thinking and learning about the drone space, purchasing my 3rd drone, and spending more time in the mountains and the city operating them. The drones did not capture the attention of the kid like I expected, but they had an unexpected impact on the way I see the world of technology--leaving me wanting more.

I am captivated by the drone in several ways. I enjoy operating it, but I also am lured in by the technology, and of course the API potential at all layers of its operation. I see drones as the most significant Internet of Things device out there right now. All of the ways drones are being put to use both intrigues and frighten me, and much like the rest of the Internet landscape, I can't help but tune in and want to learn more.

Since we came back this summer I have done a significant amount of research on drones, and exploring the DJI ecosystem. I took a trip up into the Sierra Nevada Mountains again and flew the drone in the Alabama Foothills, and the Inyo National Forest. I have also purchased the new DJI Mavic drone, continue my investment in Drone Recovery. I feel another journey about to begin, and like the previous adventure I am not sure where this one will take me, but I am sure I want to keep telling the story about what unfolds.

With this blog post I wanted to kick off a new episode of drone recovery and see how I can use the drones to tell a new story. I'm not sure what these stories will be, but very similar to my approach for API Evangelist I want to tell the story behind the drone storytelling. I'm thinking the Drone Recovery blog will be about the process, and each individual story I tell will have its own sub-website within the drone recovery domain, which I will add some sort of projects page--allowing for easy access to my work.

To kick things off I will retell some of the stories from this summer, like digging for crystals on Peterson Mountain, but then hopefully I can then begin to explore a new way to tell stories online, with all or part of the perspective being from a drone--either video or data-driven. I just wanted to get a post up, signaling when this next wave of the journey began, and provide me with a reminder to keep the Drone Recovery story going.

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