Wrapping It Up

Closing This Chapter of the Drone Recovery Story

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After almost three months of roaming the mountains of Oregon, we are going to wrap up this stage of the Drone Recovery project. The kid is now in Portland, spending what warm weather he has left working and getting his world back in order. The last couple of months have had their intended effect, in getting him healthy, waking him up, and helping him generate his own drive to be clean. The future is in his hands.

In addition to getting him on track we have generated some great video and photos along the way, something we will continue to organize and compile into new collections, galleries, and videos. We plan to continue to travel in August and on into the fall, but we wanted to let the kid spend the remaining sunshine in Portland getting his world in order before winter weather hits the region. So far he has been continuing one of the core lessons from this summer – walking – he is putting in 10 to 20 miles daily as part of his regular activity. #success

Audrey and I are also figuring out what our next steps are as well. The summer wasn’t just about the kid rebooting, and I need to figure out what I’ll be doing to make a living. I also need to continue the exercise and offline time I enjoyed this summer. This journey is far from over, and we will continue flying the drone, and both the kid and I are looking forward to keep pushing our photography skills to the next level. The challenge will be to encourage him to share his work online – he takes some great photos, and I hope he’ll feel more confident to share them.

We set out on this journey, not knowing how all of this would end up, and we do not know what’s next. The recovery process will never end, and I look forward to continuing to share here on the blog and via the Drone Recovery social channels.

Thanks for tuning in, and thanks for all your support.

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